About Massage

Massage has many benefits. It’s not only for pain relief, muscle soreness or headaches and migraines. Or just for preparing for or recovering from a range of sporting, fitness or recreation activities. By stimulating the body’s various systems – in particular, the musculo-skeletal, lymphatic, endocrine (hormone) and nervous systems, a wide range of healing and health benefits occur. These include:

  • Improved feeling of general wellbeing.
  • Improved circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Reduced heart rate.
  • More flexibility.
  • Overall relaxation and stress relief.
  • More energy.
  • Better range of motion.
  • Release of trapped or impinged nerves.
  • Stimulation of weak or inactive muscles.
  • Stimulation of the endocrine (hormone) system.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved respiration/breathing.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Improved immunity.
  • Flushing of toxins and less fluid retention.

–     to name just a few.

There are about 6,000 different conditions, including some muscular problems, that may be medically diagnosed as due to hormonal imbalances, which in turn can be due to muscular and skeletal imbalances, nerve impingement and lymphatic issues.