Guest Speaker

Do you operate a gym, sports training facility, personal training enterprise, sports club or other physical recreation organisation in Townsville?

Or are you a member of a service club, veterans or community organisation, or business or government enterprise that holds regular induction or training courses?

Perhaps your organisation has a high number of Work Cover-related claims that seem to go on for ever for things like RSI type pain and injuries. (Many of these can be avoided or healed faster by not just accepting the usual, often useless, physical therapy treatments dictated by Work Cover or DVA that often just prolong the problem and result in the pain becoming or remaining chronic.)

Sometimes you need to think outside the square, and that’s where I can help!

Do you have employees that don’t seem very motivated because they are constantly in pain and the treatments they’ve tried don’t seem to work? I see many people with that experience.

If you can use a guest speaker for your groups for anything from about 10 minutes to an hour or so, I am available for a small charge for business and government organisations, or free to community groups. The content would be tailored to your audience, but basically along the lines of various musculo-skeletal interactions most people and even many elite athletes aren’t aware of.

I can guarantee an interesting and informative talk that will put hands-on physical therapy treatment in a perspective you most likely haven’t even considered.

If you’d like to know more, please give me a call on (07) 4774 6973 or 0438774819 or email to [email protected].