Remedial Massage

A deep tissue-type massage that looks at all aspects of the body, not only where you FEEL pain (often just SYMPTOMS) but also what is likely to be CAUSING or contributing to your symptoms. This is the type of massage you NEED for any sore or aching muscles and joints, and headaches or migraines. Remedial is also ideal for people involved in preparing for or recovering from various sporting, exercise, fitness and recreational activities (where you might assume you need a “sports massage” – see below).

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage that works deep into muscle tissue, sometimes using elbow pressure (within your pain tolerance). Remedial massage is deep tissue but deep tissue is not necessarily remedial. A massage on only one side of the body (e.g. back – from head to feet) is deep tissue, not remedial. This is because it does not address problem areas on the opposite side (front – likely to be causing the back pain).

Sports Massage

Pre or post-competition massage, usually on-site at sports events for about 10 to 15 minutes per massage. Includes brisk massage and stretching to warm and prepare muscles for an event or help them recover immediately afterward. If you think you need a sports massage for common muscle and joint aches and pains a day or more after sports and exercise activity, you actually need a REMEDIAL massage. I no longer offer on-site SPORTS massage but mention it here due to many people not realising what they need is a REMEDIAL massage.

Swedish Massage

A relaxation massage that is firm but gentle and mainly broader and flatter movements rather than deep strokes. Variations of Swedish massage are predominately used by beauty therapists and day spas.

Lymphatic Massage

Also known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). A specialised detoxing massage to enhance movement of lymphatic fluid to boost the body’s immune system, reduce excess fluid and unwanted toxins and help transport vital dietary, fats, proteins and nutrients around the body. MLD is a very light and gentle massage – only about the pressure of a hard-boiled egg on your skin. It is not aimed at reducing muscular pain and is most commonly used with cancer patients post-surgery. (Due to specialising in Remedial Massage, I cannot commit to regular lymphatic massages).

Pregnancy Massage

A massage for all stages of pregnancy. When you can no longer lay on your stomach, the massage is done laying on your back and sides. From the second trimester, the right hip should be slightly elevated when lying on your back. PREGNANCY massage is included as part of my REMEDIAL massage.

Corporate Massage

A seated massage on a specially designed forward-facing massage chair, normally in business offices. It typically takes about 10 minutes per person and focuses on the back, shoulders and neck.

Mobile Massage

I come to you to do the massage. But this incurs extra charges to cover travelling time, etc. and availability is extremely limited. See below and the Times & Prices page for more details.

Myofascial Release

Pressing deep into the “fascia” in different directions without oil to stretch it. Fascia is a connective tissue that wraps its way around and through all muscles, bones, tissues and organs of the body.

Postural Assessment

Used to identify muscle and skeletal imbalances. With my special FIVE STAR (top notch) assessment, in less than a minute I can identify virtually every muscle in your body that will be tight or sore, even before you get on the table. While you still get a thorough massage, it means I can put more focus into where I know the ACTUAL tighter muscles are – not just where you say you are sore.


Used during the massage to stretch specific muscles. Stretching advice is also given.

Muscle Testing

Used for testing the strength, flexibility and range of movement of individual muscles.

Ear Candling

A hollow candle is placed into the ear canal. The heat creates a suction to draw wax and other unwanted material out of the ear.

PLEASE NOTE: With mobile massage, an extra $55 charge applies to come to your premises. Mobile massage availability is EXTREMELY LIMITED, particularly at short notice as additional time has to be allowed for travelling and set-up. CASH only as HICAPS and credit card/EFTPOS facilities are not available with mobile massage although receipts can be given for health fund claims. Mobile massage is NOT available to hotels, motels and high-rise apartments.

Because remedial massage works deep into muscle tissue and into sore and tight spots, there may be some discomfort during the massage. However, if the massage is done correctly, the client should actually feel more relaxed for much longer after a remedial massage than they would from a normal relaxation massage. Working deep into the muscle tissue activates more endorphins which are like a natural opiate or muscle relaxant that help the muscles relax and loosen. At the end of a good remedial massage, the body has virtually been “flooded” with these natural relaxants.