CORONAVIRUS: My clinic status

21 April 2020 GREAT NEWS. The Queensland Government today (21/4/20) FINALLY used some COMMON SENSE and bowed to public pressure and allowed qualified massage therapists to re-open their practices after closing us down on 27/3/20. We will, of course, abide by strict health and hygiene standards. Massage therapists are LICENSED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS and have a significant role to play in your overall health care. This does not ONLY apply to muscle and joint aches and pains, headaches and migraines, but to a range of other ailments as well, including some you would consider “medical.” The Queensland Health directive on Friday, 27/3/20, forcing professional health-related massage clinics to close down, but still allow AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) registered physical hands-on bodywork therapists to continue was not only totally ridiculous but smacked of strong double standards. It was also despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing only three days earlier that… Read More

Chest, shoulder, neck muscles contributors to lower back pain

2 January 2020 One thing almost overlooked or ignored by most physical therapists in treating lower back pain (LBP) is the contribution of chest, shoulder and neck muscles. This can result in numerous useless treatments, sometimes over many weeks, where the therapist not only could aggravate or prolong the LBP problem, but also cause you additional financial stress and/or drain your private health fund rebates. As a remedial massage therapist, I occasionally get a client whose only problem is LBP or neck and shoulder pain and headaches and he/she just wants me to concentrate in those areas. Sorry, but if that’s the case you are going to the wrong therapist! I look at the “big picture” and consider a range of factors that could either cause or contribute to your LBP so I can usually make a noticeable difference in just ONE session. That definitely includes shoulder, chest, neck and… Read More

Guaranteed Best Value for Money Remedial Massage in Townsville

Updated 1 January 2020 I absolutely guarantee you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY REMEDIAL MASSAGE IN TOWNSVILLE. Lots of businesses offer guarantees with their products or services. But in many cases, particularly with products from major companies, offering a guarantee simply means that when the supplier occasionally has to actually honour the warranty, it doesn’t even make a tiny dent in their profits. However, I’m a one-man band. My only income is from the service I provide. My time equals money/income. So I have to be extremely confident in the quality of my service because a guarantee of the best value for money remedial massage in Townsville is a big claim. How do you judge VALUE FOR MONEY? There are many factors to take into account – not just the price. My price is competitive with what local massage firms, independent therapists and other types of physical therapists charge considering… Read More

My Points of Difference for Best Value and Best Results

Updated 1 January 2020 Do you NEED a massage or do you WANT a massage? You can come to me for either, but if you really NEED a massage and want RESULTS, you NEED to see me. I specialise in REMEDIAL MASSAGE, which is what you NEED if you have headaches, migraines or sore muscles or joints anywhere in the body and need pain relief, or if you are preparing for or recovering from sports, exercise or other fitness and recreational activities. Yes, I can offer relaxation massages in very comfortable and convenient surroundings, but if you just WANT the absolute pampering, spa-type relaxation treatments with the scented oils, candles, etc, you want resort/spa type services at highly inflated resort/spa prices. I offer good, old-fashioned professional, competent, personal service based on 29 years massage experience (2020) with full and current qualifications designed to not only help relieve your aching muscles, but leave you totally relaxed as… Read More

HACSATT™ – Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach To Treatment

28 August 2019 With any remedial massage, I apply what I call my Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach To Treatment – or HACSATT™. HACSATT™ is an overall system, not a specific technique, I’ve developed over my 29 years (in 2020) as a massage therapist and particularly in the 20 plus years since I’ve focused on remedial massage. It really is just a simple approach that any hands-on physical bodywork therapist could apply in virtually any common muscle or joint pain treatments, for headaches and migraines and in preparation for and recovery from sporting, exercise and other fitness and recreational activities. It often means a significant or least noticeable difference, or even a complete fix, can be achieved in just ONE SESSION. Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach to Treatment is exactly what the name implies – a simple COMMON SENSE APPROACH to identifying and treating the real ANATOMICAL causes and contributing… Read More

Make remedial massage part of your get fit, lose weight resolution

1 January 2019 Have you made a resolution recently to lose weight, get fit and/or stay fit? If so, you should consider regular remedial massage as an important part of your fitness regime. Without it, some of the energy you use in getting fit may be wasted! Getting fit is basically about being more healthy, improving stamina and developing or toning muscle. As a result you’ll feel better about yourself and be more energetic, productive and positive. An overall healthy lifestyle, which incudes regular exercise and stretching in a gym, at home or outdoors – together with a nutritious and balanced diet, are key factors in losing weight, getting and staying fit. Remedial massage is another vital ingredient. This is especially so for those who exercise regularly or strenuously with weight programs and/or impact activities like running and aerobics. If you participate in any of the many 12-week challenges, crossfit… Read More

How to choose a competent, experienced massage therapist

14 March 2018 If you are relatively new to massage or never had a massage before, how can you tell if your therapist is qualified, competent, experienced, professional and giving you value for money? Obviously by the end of the massage, you’ll know whether you thought it beneficial, enjoyable and worthwhile – or you never want to see that therapist again! If you’re trying to find a therapist in the first place, here’s a few things to look for: Does the therapist have a website? If so, do they mention specific qualifications and experience? Are there reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients? Are they a member of a professional industry association (eg Massage & Myotherapy Australia – formerly Australian Association of Massage Therapists)? How many years massage experience do they have? Do they provide credit card facilities or health fund receipts/HICAPS? Professional association membership requires Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Check… Read More

Builder’s spirit level and Leaning Tower a clue to headaches and migraines

23 April 2017 What do a builder’s two-metre-long spirit level, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and headaches have in common? Nothing really. But the spirit level and the Leaning Tower can give you great clues as to what causes many headaches and migraines. It’s something most physical therapists and medical practictioners totally overlook. Think about why a builder uses that level, say when building a wall or fence. If it is angled out even a few millimetres near the base, it could be 20 to 30 millimetres out at two metres high. Check out a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to put that in even more perspective. Your feet are the base or foundation of your body. If they are not in their correct alignment and the four arches of both feet are not striking the ground at the right angles, they will help create muscular and structural… Read More

Special Occasion Gift Vouchers

11 November 2016 Giving a family member or special friend a GIFT VOUCHER for a REMEDIAL massage for any special occasion or just as a “thank you” will not only make THEM feel good and totally relaxed. YOU’LL feel better too knowing you have provided a gift that’s not just a trinket or a bit of pampering for an hour or so but can make a real and lasting difference to their health and well being. If it’s the first time your voucher recipients have been to me for a remedial massage, they will also receive an EXTRA 40-50 minutes FREE so I can get their information, explain some things about how various muscle interactions might be contributing to their problem areas, and do some assessments. To organise a voucher, just give me a call on (07) 47746973 or mobile 0438774819. Credit card/EFTPOS facilities are available for over-the-counter or over-the-phone… Read More

Close links between lower back and neck and shoulder pain

22 August 2016 Do you suffer lower back pain and/or neck and shoulder pain and possibly headaches or migraines? They are among the most common areas of pain treated by remedial massage therapists like myself. You may experience pain in just ONE of those areas (eg. neck and shoulders) on its own and you could probably justifiably assume that is where the major focus of the massage would or should be. So it often comes as a surprise when I explain things in detail and show you the close connections between lower back and neck and shoulder pain. In other words, there’s no point just massaging the main problem area. In many cases, it’s even best not to work too hard or too long in the sore areas. Soreness (pain) means those areas are inflamed – even if not noticeably – and it makes no sense to inflame that area… Read More