Common Sense Important In Treating Common Pain

COMMON SENSE should dictate that if you IDENTIFY and remove or significantly reduce the CAUSE/S of your COMMON muscle pain, you’ll remove or alleviate the SYMPTOMS. That’s my aim with EVERY remedial massage. I take a BIG PICTURE approach and treat ALL those factors with a THOROUGH massage. That, firstly, includes quickly and painlessly realigning the hips – the structural centre of the body – with no forced manipulation. Hips out of their correct alignment are the cause of many common pain problems because they create a range of muscle and other soft tissue imbalances throughout the body. As well as the massage, I can also give you advice on various follow-on options, eg simple changes to your footwear and/or suitable exercises/stretching. In rare cases, I also may suggest the possible need for medical imaging or consultation (via your GP) if my other assessments indicate there could be significant underlying… Read More


Have you ever considered just how hard your Pectoralis (chest) muscles work every day? You probably never think about it as the Pecs rarely FEEL sore or tight because of their muscle structure. The Pecs are one of the busiest muscle groups in the body. They are the prime medial rotators – muscles that draw the arms around to the front, and that’s where your arms are for most of the day, including when you roll on your side during sleep. Tightness in the Pecs is often overlooked in terms of the potential impacts it may have on the rest of the body. Those can be many and varied and can even be a significant factor in lower back, hip and knee pain. Yes, even knee pain! The Pecs are assisted by the other medial rotators – the Subscapularis and Teres Major muscle on the shoulder blade and the large… Read More


Here’s a direct quote from the September 28, 2015 episode of ABC TV’s “Four Corners,” titled “Wasted.” The episode highlights the BILLIONS of dollars being wasted by the medical profession on UNNECESSARY treatments, consultations, surgery, medications, imaging, etc. Prof Tony Costello, Professor of Urology at Royal Melbourne Hospital, said (including his stutters): “Well, some things are, ah, to me are blindingly obvious. And, and, um, I – look, I don’t dismiss the need for evidence but I think the, ah, problem with evidence-based medicine: it doesn’t factor in the, ah, common-sense approach.” (About 40 minutes 20 seconds into the program.) How true!! So, with COMMON SENSE in mind, let me share some unbiased, scientifically proven, basic physiology about our innate human immune system. Now that our inept Queensland Government has finally lifted SOME of its ridiculous “mask mandates,” use this information to MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND if masks are… Read More

HIP FLEXORS – Often ignored

(This is a MUST READ if you have any type of common back, shoulder, neck, leg or knee pain or headaches). HIP FLEXORS are among the busiest and hardest working muscles in the body. But they are often overlooked or ignored by many physical bodywork therapists, simply because they are on the FRONT of the body and rarely FEEL sore despite being very tight. They get their name simply because they flex your legs at the hip. So, they are active anytime you sit/drive, bend forward (including lifting), walk, run, jog, march, cycle, climb, etc. They start from the side of your spine – roughly mid-back – and travel down on an angle across the FRONT of your hips and attach to the front of your Femur leg bones. When they tighten, due to your everyday activities, they tilt your hips forward. It’s known as “anterior tilt.” So as the… Read More

Cryptic crosswords great for solving pain puzzles

6 December 2021 Cryptic crosswords are one of my favourite pastimes. I enjoy having to think “outside the square” to solve the puzzles. In my opinion, thinking “outside the square” is or should be a vital skill for any competent remedial massage or other hands-on physical bodywork therapist. In a previous article I spoke about the difference between “remediation” and “rehabilitation.” If any therapist wants to provide a “remedy” for their clients’ pain issues (the main role of remedial massage), they need to consider a range of factors, not just focus treatment on the problem areas. Just to warm you up for this article, see if you can guess the answers to these simple cryptic crossword clues. Clue 1: “Prisoner posted approval.” (7 letters). Clue 2: “Goliath anti short corridors in name only (5, 4 letters). There are various techniques to solve cryptic crossword clues. Sometimes you need to look… Read More

Remediate or rehabilitate: What is remedial massage?

I was recently Googling to ensure my remedial massage website – David Hall Massage Therapy – was still ranking highly and I noticed a question in a “People also ask …” section. It was: “What is the difference between massage and remedial massage?” I suspect the answer I saw came from a different type of physical therapist who has some massage skills but is not specifically trained and qualified in remedial massage. The answer was that “While deep tissue massage is a whole-body treatment, remedial massage focuses on parts of that body that require rehabilitation. Remedial massage first starts with a review of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and posture.” Here’s why that answer is wrong. Firstly, look at the dictionary meanings of rehabilitation/rehabilitate and remedial/remediate. Rehabilitate: The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness/injury. Remediate: Provide a remedy for;… Read More

Knowing the “tricks” to make “massage magic”

There are a few “tricks” to making “massage magic” – hence my nickname, “Massagician.” But with any “magic,” a lot of it is illusion. It’s the skill of the magician and usually it’s not what you see – or, in this case, FEEL. It’s what you DON’T. While you’re distracted by your problem areas, a skilled and experienced remedial massage therapist is considering what’s not so obvious or hidden and may be the real cause of or contributing factors to your pain. Here’s an analogy I sometimes use if I need to explain to a massage client why it’s usually necessary to look at the “big picture,” rather than just focus on the sore areas, if you want to perform “massage magic.” Say you’re a recently graduated technician with not much experience and get called to fix an old but multi-functional and expensive photocopier. You’ve heard that motherboard failures in… Read More

“Mathematical Moments” Help Find Pain Solutions

27 January 2021 In my 32 years’ experience (2023) and career as a massage therapist, I’ve had a number of what I call “mathematical moments.” They are similar to so-called “lightbulb moments” when you suddenly get a good idea or inspiration. But my idea of “mathematical moments” is more where you come up with ideas or solutions that are “outside the box” by combining two or more unrelated concepts. Let’s say you go on a course or to a workshop or seminar that you find interesting, informative and useful. But what you learn doesn’t particularly fit with your current tried and tested methods. Or it doesn’t inspire you to want to change to that other way of doing things or add it to your everyday “toolbox” of techniques. But there might be one particular piece of information you find really interesting and store it in your memory for future reference.… Read More


31 December 2020 Come and experience THE WOW FACTOR at David Hall Massage Therapy and find out why REMEDIAL MASSAGE should be part of your “Get Fit” resolution. Starting a new exercise and fitness regime in some cases can represent a significant financial investment – gym and/or personal trainer fees, gym clothes, your time, etc. Including remedial massage as an integral part of that Get Fit mission can help you achieve a good return on that investment. Just one of many things I’ll show you is that every muscle in the body has an opposing muscle (eg biceps/triceps, quadriceps/hamstrings). When muscles contract, opposing muscles must release. If opposing muscles are too tight or inflexible, contracting muscles have to work harder, often making the contracting muscles feel sore. But it’s really the opposing muscles that are usually the problem – not your sore areas. Opposites don’t only apply to individual muscles,… Read More

HACSATT™ – Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach To Treatment

28 August 2019 With any remedial massage, I apply what I call my Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach To Treatment – or HACSATT™. HACSATT™ is an overall system, not a specific technique, I’ve developed over my 32 years (in 2023) as a massage therapist and particularly in the 20-plus years since I’ve focused on remedial massage. It really is just a simple approach any hands-on physical bodywork therapist could apply in virtually any common muscle or joint pain treatments, for headaches and migraines and in preparation for and recovery from exercise, fitness, sporting and recreational activities. It often means a significant or least noticeable difference, or even a complete fix, can be achieved in just ONE SESSION. Hall’s Anatomical Common Sense Approach to Treatment is exactly what the name implies – a simple COMMON SENSE APPROACH to identifying and treating the real ANATOMICAL causes and contributing factors to your pain… Read More

CORONAVIRUS: Remedial therapists are health professionals too!

21 April 2020 The Queensland Government today (21/4/20) FINALLY used some COMMON SENSE, bowed to public pressure and allowed qualified remedial massage therapists to re-open their practices after closing us down on 27/3/20. We will, of course, abide by strict health and hygiene standards. Fully qualified massage therapists are HEALTH PROFESSIONALS and have a significant role to play in your overall health care. This does not ONLY apply to muscle and joint aches and pains, headaches and migraines, but to a range of other ailments as well, including some you would consider “medical.” The Queensland Health directive on Friday, 27/3/20, forcing professional health-related massage clinics to close down, but still allow AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) registered physical hands-on bodywork therapists, in my opinion, had nothing to do with Coronavirus health and safety. It was a totally MEDICO-POLITICAL decision designed to cripple NATURAL therapies that do not come under… Read More

Chest, shoulder, neck muscles contributors to lower back pain

2 January 2020 One thing almost always overlooked or ignored by most physical therapists in treating your lower back pain (LBP) is the contribution of shoulder, neck and chest muscles. This can result in numerous useless treatments, sometimes over many weeks, where the therapist not only could aggravate or prolong the LBP problem, but also cause you additional financial stress and/or drain your private health fund rebates. As a remedial massage therapist, I occasionally get a client whose only problem is LBP or neck and shoulder pain and headaches and he/she just wants me to concentrate in those areas. Sorry, but if that’s the case you are going to the wrong therapist! I look at the “big picture” and consider a range of factors that could either cause or contribute to your LBP so I can usually make a noticeable difference in just ONE session. That definitely includes shoulder, chest,… Read More

Guaranteed Best Value for Money Remedial Massage in Townsville

Updated March 2023 I absolutely guarantee you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY REMEDIAL MASSAGE IN TOWNSVILLE. Lots of businesses offer guarantees with their products and services. But in many cases, particularly with products from major companies, offering a guarantee simply means that if the supplier occasionally has to actually honour the warranty, it doesn’t even make a tiny dent in their profits. However, I’m a one-man band. My only income is from the service I provide. My time equals money/income. So I have to be extremely confident in the quality of my service because a guarantee of the best value for money remedial massage in Townsville is a big claim. How do you judge VALUE FOR MONEY? Many factors need to be taken into account – not just the price. My price is competitive with what local massage firms, independent therapists and other types of physical therapists charge considering my… Read More

My Points of Difference for Best Value and Best Results

Updated 2023 Do you NEED a massage or do you WANT a massage? You can come to me for either, but if you really NEED a massage and want RESULTS, you NEED to see me. I specialise in REMEDIAL MASSAGE. This is what you NEED if you have headaches, migraines or sore muscles or joints anywhere in the body and need pain relief, or if you are preparing for or recovering from sports, exercise or other fitness and recreational activities. Yes, I can offer relaxation massages in comfortable and convenient surroundings. But if you just WANT the absolute pampering, spa-type relaxation treatments with scented oils, candles, etc, you want resort/spa-type services at highly inflated resort/spa prices. I offer good, old-fashioned professional, competent, personal service based on 32 years’ massage experience (2023) with full and current qualifications designed to not only help relieve your aching muscles, but leave you totally relaxed as well. Check out some… Read More

Make remedial massage part of your get fit, lose weight resolution

1 January 2019 Have you made a resolution recently to lose weight, get fit and/or stay fit? If so, you should consider regular remedial massage as an important part of your fitness regime. Without it, some of the energy you use in getting fit may be wasted! Getting fit is basically about being more healthy, improving stamina and developing or toning muscle. As a result you’ll feel better about yourself and be more energetic, productive and positive. An overall healthy lifestyle, which incudes regular exercise and stretching in a gym, at home or outdoors – together with a nutritious and balanced diet, are key factors in losing weight, getting and staying fit. Remedial massage is another vital ingredient. This is especially so for those who exercise regularly or strenuously with weight programs and/or impact activities like running and aerobics. If you participate in any of the many 12-week challenges, crossfit… Read More

How to choose a competent, experienced massage therapist

Updated 2023 If you are relatively new to massage or never had a massage before, how can you tell if your therapist is qualified, competent, experienced, professional and giving you value for money? By the end of the session, you’ll obviously know whether you thought it beneficial, enjoyable and worthwhile, you were a bit dubious about the treatment (or lack of), or you never want to see that therapist again! It’s possible the massage felt great at the time, but a few days later there’s been not even a slight improvement to your original aches and pains, so that massage and that therapist weren’t really what you needed. But don’t confuse those original issues with the possible very temporary soreness you may feel in some muscles a day or two later if the therapist had to use deep pressure to release some of your tight spots. If you’re trying to… Read More

Builder’s spirit level and Leaning Tower a clue to headaches and migraines

23 April 2017 What do a builder’s two-metre-long spirit level, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and headaches and migraines have in common? Nothing really. But the spirit level and the Leaning Tower can give you great clues as to what causes many headaches and migraines. It’s something most physical hands-on bodywork therapists and medical practitioners totally overlook or ignore. Think about why a builder uses that level, say when building a wall or fence. If it is angled out even a few millimetres near the base, it could be 20 to 30 millimetres or more out at two metres high. Check out a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to put that in even more perspective. Your feet are the base or foundation of your body. If they are not in correct alignment and the four arches of both feet are not striking the ground at the proper angles,… Read More

Special Occasion Gift Vouchers

11 November 2016 Giving a special friend or family member a GIFT VOUCHER for a REMEDIAL massage for any special occasion or just as a “thank you” will not only make THEM feel good and totally relaxed. YOU’LL feel better too knowing you’ve provided a gift that’s not just a trinket or a bit of pampering for an hour or so but can make a real and lasting difference to their health and well being. If it’s the first time your voucher recipients have been to me for a remedial massage, they will also receive an EXTRA 40-50 minutes FREE so I can get their information, explain some things about how various muscle interactions might be contributing to their problem areas, and do some assessments. To organise a voucher, just give me a call on (07) 47746973 or mobile 0438774819. Credit card/EFTPOS facilities are available for over-the-counter or over-the-phone payment.… Read More

Close links between lower back and neck and shoulder pain

22 August 2016 Do you suffer neck and shoulder pain and/or lower back pain and possibly headaches or migraines? They are among the most common areas of pain treated by remedial massage therapists like myself. You may experience pain in just ONE of those areas (eg. neck and shoulders) on its own and you could probably justifiably assume that is where the major focus of the massage would or should be. So it often comes as a surprise when I explain things in detail and show you the close connections between lower back and neck and shoulder pain. In other words, there’s no point just massaging the main problem area. In many cases, it’s even best not to work too hard or too long in the sore areas. Soreness (pain) means those areas are inflamed – even if not noticeably – and it makes no sense to inflame that area… Read More

“Let your proprioceptors do the talking” for best massage results

26 March 2016 If anyone asked me what is my overall philosophy for successful remedial massage, I’d have to say, “I take account of your opposites and I let your proprioceptors do the talking!” Opposites are important because every muscle has an opposing muscle. Opposites also apply to sides of the body – left v right, front v back, up v down and in v out. Pain in a particular area is often the result of a problem – tightness, weakness, trauma or inflammation – in the opposite muscles or side of the body. Proprioceptors? They are neurotransmitters, like nerve terminals, that constantly send messages to and from your brain about your body’s balance, position and movement. Firstly, a bit more about proprioceptors. In effect, they act like the sensors feeding information to the gyroscopes on an aircraft. The gyros then constantly feed information into the plane’s various systems to… Read More

DID YOU KNOW – Body Interactions

Opposites Every muscle in the body has an OPPOSING MUSCLE. When muscles contract, opposing muscles must release (simple bio-mechanics!). Muscle pain or soreness often occurs when contracting muscles need to work harder than they should because OPPOSING muscles are too tight. Your pain is often the SYMPTOM, but the tighter OPPOSING muscles where you may not feel sore or tight are often the CAUSE or a contributing factor. The same applies to opposite SIDES of the body – front v back, left v right, in v out and up v down. Eg: pain on the LEFT side of the body is often due to tighter muscles on the RIGHT. Pain Origin The ORIGIN of many common muscle and joint aches and pains, headaches and migraines can usually be traced back to your feet, hips and/or jaw joint being out of alignment. Any misalignment of one or more of those areas… Read More

Have you ever had a “Mongrel Massage?”

21 August 2014 Have you ever had what I term a “MONGREL MASSAGE?” It’s a “bitsa this and bitsa that” type “massage.” It’s where you go to a therapist who has advertised remedial massage and you get a little bit of “remedial massage” with bits of one or more other modalities mixed in, and you leave thinking “That’s not what I asked or paid for.” Those other modalities could include things like Bowen Therapy, Emmet Technique, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, reiki, myofascial release, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, Atlas realignment, Dorn therapy and aromatherapy.  There’s also various others – some of highly questionable value. To a competent, confident, properly qualified and experienced therapist in those other modalities above (not just someone who has done a weekend or short course), they should be capable of being “stand alone” therapies. They should work on their own if they are applicable to your… Read More

Posture self check for sport and exercise enthusiasts

Whether you’re just about to implement a New Year’s “Get Fit” resolution with gym or 12-week challenge sessions, or you’ve been enjoying Townsville’s fabulous Winter weather and its opportunities for many outdoor sports and recreational activities, there is something simple you can do to make that exercise more effective. It’s time for all you sport, fitness and exercise enthusiasts to do a SELF-CHECK to see if you need what you probably think is a SPORTS massage. You might think you’re fabulously fit, fat-free, trim, taut and terrific and don’t need a massage? But are you and do you? Is your posture as it should be? Does you idea of “taut” convert into “TOO tight?” Do your legs feel sore after going for a run or do you regularly get shin splints? If you’re lifting weights, does one shoulder hurt or feel weaker than the other? Do you assume your ongoing… Read More

DID YOU KNOW – Foot Facts

Four Arches Each foot has four arches. There’s the medial arch (the one you think about) on the inside of the foot, a lateral arch (outside of the foot), a transverse arch (across the foot), and a metatarsal arch (ball of the foot). All are vital to the correct alignment of the feet and, in particular, the ankle joint on which all your weight initially rests. One or more of those arches (usually the medial and/or metatarsal) out of alignment can start a chain reaction of muscle imbalances throughout the body. Consequently, these may be at least part of the reason for headaches and migraines. Level Toes When the weight is off your feet (as in sitting or laying down), the top of your feet and toes should be level. If your toes pull back and then curl down and your big toe is starting to pull inwards, that is… Read More

DID YOU KNOW – Massage Types

Sports In its truest context, SPORTS massage is 10 to 15-minute pre or post-competition massage. Many people think they need a SPORTS massage when they actually need a REMEDIAL massage. A sports masseur should already be a qualified remedial masseur because he/she may need to work with injuries. If you’re trying to recover from heavy sports, gym or exercise pain or injuries, or prepare for competitions (or things like Defence BFAs), you need a REMEDIAL massage. Deep Tissue This massage works deep into the muscle tissues to release and stretch tight muscle and help tone weaker muscles through improved blood, oxygen and lymph supply. Remedial REMEDIAL massage is DEEP TISSUE massage, but DEEP TISSUE is not necessarily REMEDIAL. A massage is only DEEP TISSUE if the therapist only works on one side of the body – eg just the back of the body, instead of the front as well. (There… Read More

Poor foot alignment cause of many muscle aches and pains

28 March 2014 Poor foot alignment is often at least largely responsible for common back and other muscle and joint pain throughout the body. It’s impact can be easy and inexpensive to rectify. Because the feet usually don’t feel sore, they are seldom mentioned to health practitioners of various types and therefore are rarely taken into consideration. Over the years, I’ve had numerous clients where a thorough massage and pair of off-the-shelf orthotics from a pharmacy or shoe store has fixed or relieved back and other pain they’ve suffered for years. In one case, an 80-year-old client had been on multiple strong medications for back pain for years – with their consequent many often-debilitating side effects. But after a comprehensive massage to loosen muscles and realign posture, and buying a $45 pair of generic orthotics from a pharmacy, the chronic pain disappeared. No one had bothered checking her feet before.… Read More

Having trouble falling pregnant or suffer hormonal issues?

10 February 2014 Are you having trouble falling pregnant? Or do you suffer any of the 6,000 or so medically diagnosable conditions where hormonal imbalance is considered a major factor? There’s just a chance one of my specialised remedial massages may help. Obviously there can be numerous medical, physiological or psychological and other factors involved in pregnancy difficulties and other hormonal issues, but sometimes the simplest ANATOMICAL issues that MAY be causing or contributing to those are often overlooked. Here’s why and how MY remedial massage may assist. The longer and harder you try to fall pregnant, the more physical and mental stress you put yourself through. Or that stress can come from a variety of other factors. Stress in itself will have an effect on your hormones. Remedial massage is a great stress reliever. Just about everyone knows that. On its own, however, a basic massage and simple stress… Read More

Defence Members Also Need Massage

8 February 2014 Many times over many years I have advocated in various media that Australian Defence Force members should have access to remedial massage as part of their normal health entitlements. After all, most Defence members work and train harder, longer and tougher than most elite athletes, including Olympians, who all seem to recognise the vital part massage plays in their preparation and ongoing success. But remedial massage is never likely to be made available to regular Defence members – in the same way that medical, surgical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental and podiatry is – because the current outdated system, archaic Defence health policies and “old boy” medical networks are so entrenched. Big Pharma also has a massive influence over these health policies. Natural therapies like remedial massage are the “natural enemies” of Big Pharma so there is little chance highly beneficial natural treatments will ever get a “look… Read More

What the ANGLES indicate – an easy guide to your pain areas

22 November 2013 Your primary school geometry teacher gave you the reasons for many of your common muscle and joint aches and pains, but you and your teacher probably still don’t realise it! Think about ANGLES. Remember the basic horizontals and perpendiculars? Think of the horizontals as the level of your hips and shoulders and the perpendicular as how your spine should be at right angles to those. If one shoulder and/or hip is higher than the other, it changes the angles and therefore the length of your muscles and other soft tissue like tendons, ligaments and fascia on opposite sides of the body. Muscles down one side of the spine will be tighter/shorter but on the other side they will be stretched/longer. That can manifest itself as pain or weakness in some muscles. The angles created between hips and legs also change. Outside leg muscles on the high hip… Read More

Low Back Pain Causes – A “Big Picture” Perspective

18 September 2013 Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the most common ailments treated by remedial massage therapists. The success or otherwise of treatment depends on the causes or contributing factors, the competency of the practitioner and, often, whether the client is willing to follow advice (eg exercise or stretching). If you mention LBP and any physical therapist just wants to focus the entire treatment on that area, you’d be well advised to leave and never come back. The reason is that with LBP (as with many other ailments), there can be a myriad of causes and/or contributing factors, many of which the sufferer probably isn’t aware of. By just focusing the entire treatment just on the lower back area, there is a good chance the therapist may aggravate the problem by increasing any existing inflammation. Here’s just a few things any practitioner should consider: •          Is the pain… Read More

Size does matter with remedial massage

28 March 2013 Size really does matter with remedial massage! Let’s face it. People are all shapes and sizes – some tall, some short; some overweight, some super slim; some young, some old; some average size but packed with tight muscles, others same size but much more loose and flexible. And believe me, those descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg when you think about some combinations of the above. Add to that the extent of particular problem areas, medical history, old injuries and skeletal conditions (eg scoliosis) and time between massages, and it creates whole new dimensions. Some big people might only be sore or tight in one area, but other small people are stiff and tight all over. Age and health conditions also throw in an extra list of challenges. I’ve had 29 years (in 2020) experience as a massage therapist and I have the skills, qualifications,… Read More

Massage the answer for muscles and many common ailments

21 March 2013 Some years ago in a “previous life” (I’m also an ex-journalist and newspaper owner/editor and massage was then just a sideline), one of my newspaper staff members once quipped to me, “You’ve got a massage answer for everything!” What she meant was that anytime anyone mentioned some type of ailment to me, it seems I could come up with a solution that included remedial, relaxation and/or lymphatic drainage massage. That was probably because I’m qualified and experienced in those and other types of massage and associated treatments and I’ve personally enjoyed the many benefits of massage over many years. In fact, I haven’t taken one full day off work through illness or muscle or joint issues for over 35 years (2020). It would be ridiculous, of course, to claim massage is the answer to every problem. But it is amazing how many ailments, which many people automatically… Read More

Do you need a Sports or Remedial Massage?

5 February 2013 If you are a sporty type, exercise enthusiast or Defence member preparing for or recovering from fitness assessments, other events or competitions, you probably assume you need a “sports massage” to help fix or alleviate sore and aching muscles and joints. However, be aware that in its truest context, “sports massage” is just five to 15-minute massage immediately prior to or after an event – if that’s all you want or need. If you do regular exercise or are involved in regular competition and want a thorough massage to release knots and balance muscles and postural alignment to prepare for or recover from events, you need a REMEDIAL massage. This could be a single or multiple massages anywhere from several days to several weeks before or afterwards. If your main focus is just on supervised exercises and stretching, rather than muscle massage, an exercise physiologist and/or physical… Read More