Common Sense Important In Treating Common Pain

COMMON SENSE should dictate that if you IDENTIFY and remove or significantly reduce the CAUSE/S of your COMMON muscle pain, you’ll remove or alleviate the SYMPTOMS.

That’s my aim with EVERY remedial massage.

I take a BIG PICTURE approach and treat ALL those factors with a THOROUGH massage.

That, firstly, includes quickly and painlessly realigning the hips – the structural centre of the body – with no forced manipulation.

Hips out of their correct alignment are the cause of many common pain problems because they create a range of muscle and other soft tissue imbalances throughout the body.

As well as the massage, I can also give you advice on various follow-on options, eg simple changes to your footwear and/or suitable exercises/stretching.

In rare cases, I also may suggest the possible need for medical imaging or consultation (via your GP) if my other assessments indicate there could be significant underlying spinal/skeletal or disease issues (eg kidney stones).

I want you to be WELL INFORMED about potential causes and contributing factors to your sore or aching muscles and joints, headaches and migraines, etc.

It’s one reason why with every first REMEDIAL MASSAGE I give you an extra 40-50 minutes FREE.

I use that time to get all your information, explain in some detail a range of body interactions that may be contributing to your problems, as well as do some simple assessments to help me IDENTIFY those factors.

By taking this overall approach, I can usually fix or at least make a noticeable to significant difference to your common pain areas in just ONE SESSION.

Many physical bodywork therapists charge extra for the initial consultation and/or cut your treatment time short.

By COMMON PAIN, I’m referring to everyday-type issues like back, neck or shoulder pain; rotator cuff problems; hip, leg, knee and/or foot pain; tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, wry neck, sprains and strains; headaches and migraines; pre or post sporting, fitness or recreational activity pain.

That can include CHRONIC pain from disc or other injuries or surgery you may have suffered months or years ago and was not successfully treated at the time.

I’m NOT talking about the immediate post-surgery, acute injury (like a torn muscle or ligament), other trauma or disease pain.

That is the primary role of Allied Health therapists like physios. They generally focus just on that area and may require you to make a number of return visits to monitor your progress, eg after shoulder, hip or knee surgery.

For COMMON pain you need a thorough REMEDIAL MASSAGE. That’s my specialty.

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