Posture self check for sport and exercise enthusiasts

Whether you’re just about to implement a New Year’s “Get Fit” resolution with gym or 12-week challenge sessions, or you’ve been enjoying Townsville’s fabulous Winter weather and its opportunities for many outdoor sports and recreational activities, there is something simple you can do to make that exercise more effective.

It’s time for all you sport, fitness and exercise enthusiasts to do a SELF-CHECK to see if you need what you probably think is a SPORTS massage.

You might think you’re fabulously fit, fat-free, trim, taut and terrific and don’t need a massage? But are you and do you?

Is your posture as it should be?

Does you idea of “taut” convert into “TOO tight?”

Do your legs feel sore after going for a run or do you regularly get shin splints? If you’re lifting weights, does one shoulder hurt or feel weaker than the other?

Do you assume your ongoing niggling pain anywhere is just a result of your exercise and that it’s a case of “no pain, no gain?”

If your posture’s not right – and that particularly includes your feet and hip alignment, some of the energy you expend on your exercise is being wasted and you leave yourself more prone to pain and injury.

Let me clarify something. You DON’T need a SPORTS massage. In its truest context, that really is only five to 15-minute pre or post competition massage – a quick rub down and stretch of the muscle groups you’re most likely to work during a game or event.

You need a REMEDIAL massage that looks at the big picture of your OVERALL posture.

The first thing you need for a SELF-CHECK is a mirror – preferably full length.

Stand totally relaxed in front of the mirror and check if both shoulders are at exactly the same level. Look at the same point on either shoulder. You can even use the distance from the side of your neck to your collar or shoulder strap on each side as a guide.

Also check if your neck and head seems to be tilting more towards one shoulder.

Then put a finger on the front bony part at the top of each hip on the outside. See if they appear level. If that’s too hard, look to see if your belt or the elastic on your shorts or underwear appears lower on one side, or similarly with the stripes on a dress.

If either or both the shoulders or hips, or head, don’t appear level, you need a REMEDIAL massage.

Look at where each knee is pointing. Is each foot pointing in the same direction as the knee?

If not you need a REMEDIAL massage.

March up and down on the spot several times. When you stop, check if one foot is slightly ahead of the other and/or is one foot turned out more?

If so, you need a REMEDIAL massage.

Check your feet. Do you appear to have flat feet or high arches? Maybe your shoes tend to wear more on one side? Do your toes pull back then bend down? Is your big toe pulling inwards? Are the tendons going to your toes on top of your feet becoming obvious and look tight?

With any of those, you need a REMEDIAL massage.

If you already go to a “Sports” massage therapist, do they initially check that your feet, hips and jaw are in their correct alignment or do they just work where you say you are sore or YOU think you need the treatment?

Don’t assume something that is “sore” is necessarily “tight.” The soreness may be from muscle weakness.

Most exercise and sporty types assume they need Sports massage because that term is bandied about in its wrong context. What you really need is a comprehensive REMEDIAL massage, to loosen up your muscles and get them back in balance and your posture back in alignment.

Some areas may need more focus than others – but not necessarily where you feel “sore.”

Give me a call for a REMEDIAL massage now and I’ll explain all the above in more detail and help get you realigned.

David Hall ©


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