Below are just some of the reviews/testimonials that have appeared on various on-line forums and websites or otherwise contributed.

As well as the Reviews below, check out the Townsville Questions & Answers Facebook Group at Find the search button and do a search for David Hall Massage and notice the number of times my name has been mentioned by other people in response to members of the group seeking recommendations for massage.


The service provided by David Hall Massage Therapy is unsurpassable. Mr Hall delivers a quality in his work that you won’t find elsewhere. It is evident that he is passionate about massage therapy and draws upon extensive experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge to guide you through his therapy and where any cause for concerns may lie. David is very professional and inspiring, with a warm and friendly personality, which makes him a pleasure to work with. When booking appointments he is prompt in response, further enhancing the standard of service. My experience with David Hall Massage Therapy is always enjoyable and leaves me feeling relaxed, positive and healthy. Highly recommend this 10/10 service.

SUZAN (Townsville). Published on

David is a courteous, caring, experienced professional. He took the time to listen and provide me with helpful information and education about the condition I was seeking treatment for as well as good advice for self-management of that condition. I feel comfortable with David during treatments. His rooms are non-clinical in appearance and nestled in a peaceful attractive garden setting which I find welcoming and relaxing. I find David’s massage treatments very beneficial, very reasonably priced and have recommended his service to others. Suzan, Townsville QLD

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John Davey  Best massage in Townsville. He is the “Wow” factor you need to rub away the niggles, the pain and what just doesn’t feel right.

Ken Carr – Excellent value great service.

Harry Solano  Five Stars

Richard Ford – Five Stars

Teagan Taylor  Five Stars


Sarah Bonanno – I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding service David provides. His experience and ability are the best I have ever found, and my regular visits have managed my chronic pain better than anything else tried. 10/10 🙂

Giina Lashmar – Experienced many years of shoulder pain, after a couple of visits with David, it’s completely healed & I’m finally pain free. I now visit on a regular basis to maintain my health & wellness. Professional, consistent and reliable service always. Thank you!

Helen Hynes – David has been an incredible help to me and has always taken the time to listen to my symptoms and provide targeted relief. If you are looking for a therapist who is thorough and knows his stuff, see David!

Jordon Harrington  Absolutely amazing. I went from crying in pain from my injuries to leaving being able to walk straight. Definitely a repeat customer. Really knows his stuff.

Bessie Thornton – I always have issues with my back and neck around traveling for work and find it hard to track down a good therapist in a different city. So lucky to decide on David from a google search – such a thorough and genuine practitioner. Will be back anytime I find myself in Townsville!

Timmy Hare  Have been to many massage therapist in my time, hands down the best one i’ve been to, can’t rate it enough!

VJ Sumiller – As a contractor who regularly puts my body to its limits, it was a massive relief to have been treated by David. I have been to many massage therapists previously who have left me in pain after a few days and not really feeling well. David puts in a lot of effort into educating his clients to help them gain more awareness of their body and movement. The “WOW FACTOR” is definitely true!

Sarah Humphris  Fantastic and informative. My first trip today and I feel amazing.

Natasha Huesdens Gibson – David is fantastic knows what he talking about. After seeing David I felt a huge difference. I will be definitely going back.

Tony Parker  Take 15 year old son regularly. Tried alternative treatments for his teenage soreness..he always asks to go back to Dave…

(5/5) 10 September 2015


David is fantastic and best value for money in Townsville. If you want to find the cause of your pain instead of just treating the symptoms go and see David. He takes the time to explain everything in detail and you can rest assured that you will learn heaps about your own body in his consultation. I can’t speak higher of David. He is professional, lovely to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anybody who tried everything else without success.


(5/5)   16th September 2013 10:26 pm

I have been receiving remedial massage therapy for 2 years now from Dave. He provides a wonderful service. Full of information, which he readily shares with you, about your body. His massages have helped me with my sciatica. Dave is registered for Health cover rebates and works extended hours

Quality ***** Service ***** Value *****

The testimonials below all appeared on the former Townsville WOMF (Word of Mouth Forum) website (

Great massage for back and shoulder pain

Posted by: avasay

Interested to read the bit about Townsville Podiatry in the latest batch of WOMF emails. Good to hear how they helped. I saw David Hall Massage Therapy mentioned on WOMF and went to him with lower back and some knee pain and my feet hurt when I got out of bed first thing in the morning, as well as a few other things like pain in the neck and shoulders. David picked up straight away that the problems started in my feet and said I needed orthotics. He also explained about planter faseitis (I think its called), what was causing it and how it made my feet sore. I got some orthotics from the chemist and combined with his great remedial massage, hip realignment and some leg and back and neck stretches he gave me, the pain has disappeared. But he also did what no other massage therapist has ever done for me. He gave me about half an hour extra of his own time without charging me to explain how the muscles work and everything is interconnected.  He also picked up that I had some problems with my jaw joint and my shoulders and neck were out of line. I wasn’t expecting that, but he turned out to be spot on. I’m totally impressed. I can’t thank him enough and I will definitely be going back regularly.


Posted by: lurker

I couldn’t agree with you more. i have to send a belated thank you to the womfers who first recommended David. Despite being in pain I just couldn’t be bothered going to yet another masseuse who simply didn’t make a difference. In the end I consulted womf to see who others were recommending and one of the posts talked about sore feet, which I had so I chose David. He gave me information that has been so helpful to my understanding of why I was in pain and made a dramatic improvement by the end of my first massage. I have since recommended several other people to David, some even more sceptical and jaded than I was, and they have all rung me to say thank you for recommending him. If you don’t want to live in pain then go to David.

Great Massage

Posted by: hoffyshelly 

Had a massage last week at David Hall Massage Therapy it was great. He went through all my problems with me, didnt rush for the next appointment, spent time explaining why my aches and pains were happening. Will be going back next month.

Massage Guru – Awesome

Posted by: avasay 

Gotta tell everyone I recently had another sensational massage with David Hall (David Hall Massage Therapy) at Mt Louisa. I’ve tried lots of other ordinary massage and remedial therapists over the years but he’s the absolute massage guru in Townsville. He has a fantastic knowledge of how the body and muscles work. I changed jobs a few months ago and ended up with a constantly sore lower back and headaches and I started to get a bit off balance. He picked the problems straight away and I not only got the best night’s sleep ever but the back pain and headaches have disappeared and no more balance worries. While I was there he also did an ear candling and sinus massage and now the itching in my ears has disappeared. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Massage Help?

Posted by: Gameboy 

I’m a 20 year old guy and looking for a good place to get Swedish and Deep Tissue massages in Townsville. I have heard great things about David Hall but I would be more comfortable with a female therapist for my first time. Any recommendations?

Best Massage in Townsville

Posted by: consumer23 

If you are looking for a fantastic remedial massage, you must see David Hall Massage Therapy! Value for money, excellent service, informative and my muscles really appreciate it!

The WOW Factor

Posted by: mdib50

If you want a fantastic massage then call David Hall at David Hall Massage – it really is sensational and the real WOW Factor – I will be going back

David Hall Massage

Posted by: lalawhales

I agree. David truely knows his stuff. He not only gives a great massage but can tell you why you have sore muscles and gives you stretches and other options to prevent you from having further problems. It is nice to meet someone who is so passionate about what he does and takes great pride in helping his clients.

I agree too!!!

Posted by: asmb

i went there last saturday and it was awesome- he really knows his stuff and takes heaps of time to explain everything to you.

Well done

Posted by: spud01

I found out about David Hall and recommended him to my niece who was having a few hassles, she has been along to David twice and raves about his ability and the advice he gave her.

Well done to a true professional.

Excellent Remedial Massage

Posted by: c2andmouse 

I had another remedial massage with David Hall in Mount Louisa yesterday. I hadn’t had one for a while and it was fantastic. David is very knowledgable and takes great care to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the massage. Must say I’m now feeling fighting fit.