My Assessments and Treatments

Using my extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and massage experience, I have developed what I term a FIVE STAR (top notch) postural assessment.

Before I start a massage, in less than a minute I can identify virtually every muscle in your body that will be tight or sore and contributing to your problem areas – and tell you even before you get on the table. In most cases. you will be totally unaware of these.

Much of the pain in your knees, legs, back, shoulders and/or neck is associated with tight hip flexors and one hip higher than the other. I also have developed a quick, simple and painless technique that can test and level your hips within two minutes (with no forced manipulation of bones) before I start the real massage. Level hips (the structural centre of your body) allow the muscles to start finding their correct length (not short or stretched) through their natural elasticity. Level hips also help open nerve pathways allowing good proprioception and other nerve signals, including all those supplying your organs, to flow back to the brain via the sacrum and spinal chord.

I do things differently to many other physical therapists. I don’t just focus on the SYMPTOM of your problem areas (where you actually feel sore or tight). I assess and look at the BIG PICTURE to also try to determine the origin/cause and/or contributing factors and include those in the treatment.

If you’ve ever wondered why some physical therapists want you coming back week after week or several times a week, it’s often because they only address the SYMPTOMS! That not only may actually aggravate rather than help heal or alleviate your problems but will also come at significant expense to you and quickly drain any health fund “Extras” benefits you may be entitled to.