My Points of Difference for Best Value and Best Results

Updated 2023

Do you NEED a massage or do you WANT a massage? You can come to me for either, but if you really NEED a massage and want RESULTS, you NEED to see me.

I specialise in REMEDIAL MASSAGE. This is what you NEED if you have headaches, migraines or sore muscles or joints anywhere in the body and need pain relief, or if you are preparing for or recovering from sports, exercise or other fitness and recreational activities.

Yes, I can offer relaxation massages in comfortable and convenient surroundings. But if you just WANT the absolute pampering, spa-type relaxation treatments with scented oils, candles, etc, you want resort/spa-type services at highly inflated resort/spa prices.

I offer good, old-fashioned professional, competent, personal service based on 32 years’ massage experience (2023) with full and current qualifications designed to not only help relieve your aching muscles, but leave you totally relaxed as well.

Check out some of my POINTS OF DIFFERENCE, compared to most massage and other physical therapists, to provide you with absolute top value for money.

1. EXTRA 40-50 minutes FREE with every first-time one-hour REMEDIAL massage.

I use this time to get your background information and any relevant medical history, do some postural assessments, and explain in some detail some things about various body interactions and how they might be contributing to your problem areas. Most health practitioners CHARGE EXTRA for initial consultations, AND/OR cut your actual treatment time short, AND/OR get you to arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the paperwork.

2. Look at the BIG PICTURE to find WHY you have problem areas.

In most cases, where you feel common muscular pain is just a SYMPTOM of a problem, not the real CAUSE. Many physical therapists just tend to work on the symptom and by so doing may actually make the problem worse or prolong the healing (due to the inflammation in that area) and then need you to make return visits! I DON’T.

3. Do a POSTURAL ASSESSMENT with all new clients.

I can do a quick standing postural assessment that will identify within 30 seconds virtually every muscle in your body that will be sore or tight – even before you get on the table. Where necessary, more comprehensive assessment can be performed. That way I know where to better target your treatment and spend extra time on the areas that need it most while still giving you a thorough, comprehensive full body massage.

4. Start massage by REALIGNING the HIPS.

Hips are the structural centre of the body. Hips out of their correct alignment create muscle and other postural imbalances throughout the body. I use a totally painless technique where, in almost all cases (unless there is significant physical deformity), I can have your hips realigned within two minutes. Having correctly aligned hips also opens nerve pathways to the brain (which controls all functions of the body) via the spinal cord. If you’ve been told you have one leg shorter than the other, in most cases I can prove you don’t; that the apparent difference is merely hips out of alignment!

5. You get AT LEAST the time you pay for ON THE TABLE.

Many practitioners book you in on the hour and out on the hour (or whatever time you pay for). That hour often includes the time it takes to discuss your problem areas and for you to disrobe and get dressed afterward. I allow at least an additional 15-30 minutes with each massage (clients who have been before) so you get at least the time you pay for ON THE TABLE.

6. Massage my PASSION, not just my income.

The best reward for me is knowing that my massages are successful – in that I can make a difference for clients in at least partly, mostly or fully relieving or removing their aches and pains. Satisfied clients refer friends, family and acquaintances. A constant flow of clients – most of them from word-of-mouth referrals – provides my income.

7. If you ASK for a remedial massage, you GET a REMEDIAL MASSAGE.

Remedial massage is a deep tissue type massage, where deep pressure is sometimes needed. But “deep tissue” is not necessarily remedial, unless the therapist looks at the “big picture” and all aspects of the body (left v right, front v back, up v down, in v out) that may be contributing to problem areas. For example, just massaging the back of the body is deep tissue massage, not remedial. I look at the big picture and give a thorough REMEDIAL massage.

8. Qualifications, Experience, Competency and Confidence.

Having a tertiary qualification from a college or university is merely the start of a career. Real competency and confidence comes with life and industry experience and passion for what you do. I am a fully qualified remedial massage therapist with 32 years of experience (2023) as a masseur. I’ve written and published over 100 comprehensive articles on massage, I’m a qualified trainer and assessor, I’m a member of professional industry associations and I regularly undertake Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to stay abreast of the latest industry information and techniques.

9. Foot alignment checks.

In most cases, the real ORIGIN of most common muscular pain can be traced right back to feet being out of alignment. Does your physical therapist check your feet for high or low arches and ankles rolling in or out or if you have bent toes? I DO. Did you know each foot has four separate arches and any part of the foot out of alignment could be contributing to your headaches or migraines? I’ll show you how and why! Picture in your mind the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When the foundation is not right, the higher you go up the body the further your body tilts and the more the muscles have to compensate.

10. Jaw alignment checks.

Does your therapist check your jaw alignment? Your jaw joints may be at least partly contributing to your problem areas. At least 30-40% of my new clients have jaw alignment problems (and therefore possible nerve impingement issues) they were not even aware of. The brain controls all functions of the body via the nerves, so if nerves are impinged, muscular or other body functions (eg organs) may not be working properly.

11. Success in just ONE SESSION.

Have you been told by various physical therapy practitioners they need to book you in for at least three or more sessions? That may be necessary with some post-surgery or post-trauma recovery/rehabilitation, but usually not with common muscular pains like sore or tight backs, neck shoulders, headaches, etc. If I can’t make at least a NOTICEABLE difference to your problem areas and/or identify the main reasons or contributing factors in JUST ONE SESSION there is usually something much deeper happening that may require medical intervention or other specialised treatment. If you come back for further massages, it’s because you realise their ongoing value and WANT TO, not just because you’ve been told you need to.

12. HICAPS/Health Funds and Credit Cards/EFTPOS.

These facilities are not unusual among qualified, professional therapists. But some therapists don’t offer them. We live in an age where most transactions are via “plastic card” and often there is an automatic assumption card facilities are available. You could be embarrassed and inconvenienced (costing you more in time and money to go and source some cash) if you turn up for a massage and find you can’t pay because the therapist doesn’t have card facilities. Only fully qualified therapists with massage association membership, insurance, up-to-date qualifications and ongoing professional development can offer health fund rebates via HICAPS or receipts.

13. NO product sales pitches with your massage.

Some massage and other physical therapists also offer a range of products for sale (some of the pyramid marketing type) that may or may not benefit you. You are a captive audience and the therapist may use your massage time on the table to promote/sell their products. I DON’T. Did you go there for a massage or a sales pitch? It’s fair enough if you see posters, product displays or other promotional material that prompt YOU to ASK about these products. The massage should be about YOU – not just a sales opportunity.

14. Fully qualified as a REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPIST

Some other types of physical therapists obviously need to use some massage techniques as part of their treatments. Most have had only minimal MASSAGE training as part of their degree courses and are not specifically qualified as remedial massage therapists and EVERYTHING that involves. I AM FULLY QUALIFIED as a remedial massage therapist (but by law I can’t also promote myself as another type of physical therapist even though I also have many of their skills).

15. You get my FULL ATTENTION

Some physical hands-on bodywork therapists have several clients “on the go” at one time. They spend a few minutes with you then leave the room for some time to see other clients (often leaving you wondering what is going on), then return to finish their session with you. I DON’T. You get my FULL PERSONAL ATTENTION for the WHOLE SESSION.

16. Sole practitioner/PERSONAL SERVICE.

As the sole practitioner and owner of David Hall Massage Therapy, I guarantee to always give you my personal service.

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