“Mathematical Moments” Help Find Pain Solutions

27 January 2021

In my 32 years’ experience (2023) and career as a massage therapist, I’ve had a number of what I call “mathematical moments.”

They are similar to so-called “lightbulb moments” when you suddenly get a good idea or inspiration.

But my idea of “mathematical moments” is more where you come up with ideas or solutions that are “outside the box” by combining two or more unrelated concepts.

Let’s say you go on a course or to a workshop or seminar that you find interesting, informative and useful. But what you learn doesn’t particularly fit with your current tried and tested methods. Or it doesn’t inspire you to want to change to that other way of doing things or add it to your everyday “toolbox” of techniques.

But there might be one particular piece of information you find really interesting and store it in your memory for future reference. Let’s give that a mathematical value of 2.

Sometime later you might attend another course, workshop or seminar – totally unrelated to the first – and the same thing happens. For some reason, you retain a particular bit of information and you also give that a mathematical value of 2.

Then one day, you suddenly realise that 2 + 2 = 4. That 4 can change your whole way of thinking or give you a totally unexpected solution to a problem or entirely new concept on how to approach things.

Here’s an example from my REMEDIAL MASSAGE world. The relationship between bent toes and headaches/migraines. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

If you have bent toes or other indicators of poor feet biomechanics (eg high or low arches or ankles rolling in or out), your feet will not strike the ground as they should.

That creates a ripple effect of muscle and postural imbalances right up into the shoulders, neck and head that could be a reason for your headaches/migraines. It also could involve impingement of any nerve – affecting any muscle, organ or other function of the body.

Can you change your bent toes? No, at least not in the short term. But working the muscles that control the feet, as part of a thorough remedial massage, and often with simple footwear adjustment (like adding some arch or metatarsal support) can have a significant positive effect on your overall foot biomechanics.

If you’ve been to a GP, medical specialist or physical therapist and complained of headaches or migraines, have they ever checked to see if you have bent toes?

I do; not only for headaches and migraines but with a whole range of other muscle and joint pain issues.

Over many years, as well as my main Swedish, Remedial, Sports and Lymphatic Drainage massage, Muscle Testing and Exercise Therapy, and Training and Assessment certificate and diploma courses, I’ve attended numerous other workshops and seminars in a range of associated modalities and subjects.

These have included things like pregnancy massage, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, atlas and axis realignment, kinesiology, chapman’s reflexes, rotator cuff issues, workplace/occupational health and safety, cranio-sacral therapy, orthobionomy, foot biomechanics and orthotics, wetlabs, Bowen Therapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), meditation, positive thinking, headaches and migraines, pain management, and specific muscle and joint injuries – to name just a few.

Knowledge gained from these and other training sessions – combined with extensive life and industry experience – often allows me to think “outside the box” and figure out the big question “WHY?” “Why” is something happening in the first place that’s causing your pain?

I DON’T just focus on where you feel sore.

There is often a very simple REMEDIAL MASSAGE solution to common muscle and joint aches and pains, headaches and migraines. Perhaps you’ve put up with them for years but no other physical therapist has considered a different solution.

Some of my “mathematical moments” may already be common knowledge with some practitioners or therapists. But is that knowledge actually applied?

It enables me to usually fix or make a very significant or at least noticeable difference to common muscle and joint aches and pains and headaches with REMEDIAL MASSAGE in JUST ONE SESSION.

With every first massage, I give an extra 40-50 minutes FREE to get your information, explain some of the body interactions (as above) – and more, as well as give you a full hour ON THE TABLE.

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