Guaranteed Best Value for Money Remedial Massage in Townsville

Updated March 2023


Lots of businesses offer guarantees with their products and services.

But in many cases, particularly with products from major companies, offering a guarantee simply means that if the supplier occasionally has to actually honour the warranty, it doesn’t even make a tiny dent in their profits.

However, I’m a one-man band. My only income is from the service I provide. My time equals money/income. So I have to be extremely confident in the quality of my service because a guarantee of the best value for money remedial massage in Townsville is a big claim.

How do you judge VALUE FOR MONEY?

Many factors need to be taken into account – not just the price. My price is competitive with what local massage firms, independent therapists and other types of physical therapists charge considering my level of service, skills and vast experience. It is considerably below the fees of many metropolitan therapists with much less experience. It is also well below the fees most local physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths charge – even those just recently graduated (based on an hour-long service, if you can find one of those therapists to give you that long in one session).

The qualifications, experience, skills and knowledge of the therapist, facilities, the types and extent of treatments offered, length of the treatment, convenience of appointment times, consultation aspects, assessment techniques, overall professionalism and potential results of the treatment – to name just a few – also need to be considered.

For example, I have 32 years’ massage experience (2023) and can often achieve better treatment results in just ONE SESSION than some other therapists who want you to return two or three times a week for several weeks or have a number of weekly sessions for some weeks or months.

How do I know this? Because I have thousands of satisfied clients who have tried other therapists tell me this over many years.

In another article on the Articles page of this website, under the heading of “My Points of Difference for Best Value and Best Results,” I list 16 POINTS OF DIFFERENCE with my treatments compared to most other massage and other physical therapists. (Click on link above to go straight to the article).

They are just SOME of my points of difference and that’s why I’m confident to make the guarantee.

If you can find ANY other therapist who does ALL those things, I not only won’t charge you for the massage but I’ll give you TEN massages free – a 1,000 percent guarantee.

Something to keep in mind: If you have to make a number of return visits to any therapist, it is not only the cost of your treatment. It is the cost of your travel, waiting and treatment time for each visit, the inconvenience and the fact you may have to take time off work (unpaid if you’re a casual employee). You may also need to organise even more babysitting.

In addition, if you are in a private health fund, the constant return visits will quickly drain any entitlement you may have for health fund rebates. Sometimes the gap payment may seem very low, but for that did you only get a 5-10 minute manipulation and be asked to come back several times?

Of course, the best way for you to experience the quality and value for money of my service and the potential for great results in JUST ONE SESSION is to try one of my massages.

Give me a call on (07) 4774 6973 or call/text 0438774819 or email me at [email protected] to make a booking. Treatments are by appointment only. You can also use the form on the CONTACTS page to email me to make an appointment.

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Townsville massage therapist based in Mount Louisa and specialising in Remedial Massage for all types of muscle and/or joint aches and pains, headaches and migraines, and preparation for and recovery from sporting, exercise and other fitness activities. I guarantee the best value for money Townsville remedial massage. CALL NOW on (07) 4774 6973 or 0438 774 819 to book an appointment. For Townsville massage clients, it will result in your best “massage near me” experience when you do a web search.