Size does matter with remedial massage

28 March 2013

Size really does matter with remedial massage!

Let’s face it. People are all shapes and sizes – some tall, some short; some overweight, some super slim; some young, some old; some average size but packed with tight muscles, others same size but much more loose and flexible. And believe me, those descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg when you think about some combinations of the above.

Add to that the extent of particular problem areas, medical history, old injuries and skeletal conditions (eg scoliosis) and time between massages, and it creates whole new dimensions. Some big people might only be sore or tight in one area, but other small people are stiff and tight all over. Age and health conditions also throw in an extra list of challenges.

I’ve had 29 years (in 2020) experience as a massage therapist and I have the skills, qualifications, experience and competency to quickly assess you and give you the most appropriate treatment to achieve the best results in the TIME AVAILABLE.

My FIVE-STAR (top notch) postural assessment allows me to identify within about 30 seconds virtually every muscle that will be sore or tight, even before you get on the table. And other simple checks can point out if your problem areas are likely due to nerve entrapment and/or postural alignment issues.

You need at least an hour for a good, all-over remedial massage, and that’s what most people book. Generally speaking, this is sufficient to achieve at least noticeable improvement for people of all shapes and sizes with just ONE of my massages.

But what if, for example, you are a 208cm (6’6”) male or taller, with legs like tree trunks and a torso to match and you complain of being tight or sore all over? Or a bulky current or ex-footballer who doesn’t do enough stretching?

If you are only on the table for about an hour, I may have to skim over some areas where I really should or could spend more time.

I have one 208cm heavily built – but not fat – athletic client and he books in for two hours each time, which is about what’s needed for what I consider a thorough, comprehensive full body remedial massage for someone of his size and build. With some other stocky people but not quite as big, a 90-minute session is probably appropriate to get the best results.

But if you’re a very obese 150-200kg, an hour is probably sufficient. More can be achieved if more time is available, allowing me to work in deeper more slowly. It’s a real challenge to get to your many of your muscles and with some muscles that is impossible. I still massage those areas more lightly but I will focus on areas where the best results can be achieved. But sometimes the extra time and pressure needed may make a longer time too painful and I can make a difference in just an hour.

On the other hand I have a number of small, or tall and thin, 50-60kg females with model figures you think would take only about half an hour. But their slim bodies are really packed with over-tight muscles from all the gym exercise and get fit routines they do. They all need extra work and an hour just flies by.

I have massaged 14-year-old stocky footballers who need much more time and effort than an average sized or even overweight adult.

Stretching really is the icing on the cake with massage. But depending on your size, age and problem areas, in just an hour there is often no time to do more than a few basic stretches when I know more would be useful. I always include hip, shoulder, chest and neck stretches because, even if I was able to do nothing else, they help to free up the spinal nerve pathways that not only supply all your muscles but also all your organs.

I also give advice for you to stretch in areas I think would be useful to you but I don’t have time to do.

So what are your options?

The obvious one is to book more than an hour (e.g. 75 or 90 minutes) if you think your size, body shape and problem areas might require some extra attention or if you want to ensure you get a wider range of stretches.

Yes, longer massages cost slightly more. But if you have had other massage or physical therapies elsewhere, did you need to keep going back? And if so, how much did all those sessions cost you in total, how much time did you get per session (plus travel time there and back) and did you get a result? Importantly, did they drain many of your private health fund rebates for no obvious result?

You could book a massage more regularly – for maintenance. If you get a regular body tune-up, you won’t require as much work and an hour is generally enough.

Do more stretching at home or go to a yoga class. That would make you more flexible and an hour would be sufficient.

When I need to focus all of most attention on one particular problem area and factors contributing to that, one option is for me to concentrate on just that part of the body (e.g. top half back and front, or bottom half back and front) plus significant stretching that I think will produce the best results for you within the hour.

Typical examples of that scenario would be someone who wakes up in the morning and just can’t straighten up because of lower back pain, or if you just bend down to pick up something light (e.g. a paperclip off the floor) and suddenly find you can’t straighten. In that case, I would need to do extra tests for nerve entrapment, and extra lower body stretches. In fact, it would be better if you went to a doctor first to get some strong pain relief and/or heavily ICED the area before the massage to reduce the pain and inflammation. Lying on a massage table for an extended time with acute pain in the lower back may aggravate the problem.

But what if the problem actually originates in the jaw or there is jaw involvement and it really requires a full body massage?

I could go on and on. But what I will guarantee you is that I will give you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY remedial massage in Townsville, no matter what length of time you choose and no matter what size or shape you are.

Think of how much you pay other practitioners for, in most cases, MUCH less time and often nowhere near the same result for your sore and aching muscles. Then the value of my remedial massages really starts to add up.

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