Here’s a direct quote from the September 28, 2015 episode of ABC TV’s “Four Corners,” titled “Wasted.” The episode highlights the BILLIONS of dollars being wasted by the medical profession on UNNECESSARY treatments, consultations, surgery, medications, imaging, etc.

Prof Tony Costello, Professor of Urology at Royal Melbourne Hospital, said (including his stutters): “Well, some things are, ah, to me are blindingly obvious. And, and, um, I – look, I don’t dismiss the need for evidence but I think the, ah, problem with evidence-based medicine: it doesn’t factor in the, ah, common-sense approach.” (About 40 minutes 20 seconds into the program.)

How true!!

So, with COMMON SENSE in mind, let me share some unbiased, scientifically proven, basic physiology about our innate human immune system.

Now that our inept Queensland Government has finally lifted SOME of its ridiculous “mask mandates,” use this information to MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND if masks are useful or not, or whether, in fact, they are potentially more dangerous in the short and long term than the virus they were meant to protect against.

Research all you like about the pros and cons of masks. There ARE pros and cons.

For example, they MAY reduce the risk of an infected person splattering nearby people with virus particles. Also, doctors have traditionally worn medical-grade masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) – for relatively short periods – in higher-risk situations (surgery in particular) where a range of infectious diseases or blood splatter may be an issue.

But no-one yet knows the LONG-TERM effects of wearing masks for long periods every day for weeks or months on end as some people have been forced to, particularly in industries like aviation.

Even the so-called experts can’t agree, because vested interests, mainstream and social media censorship, and political and bureaucratic power have prevented rational and objective decisions and discussion.

The public is NEVER provided with the so-called data or evidence the politicians and bureaucrats say they use. If this data is accurate and reliable, why do State Governments selectively use it to create different rules for different states and within different groups (eg stadium elite sports v other public activities)? And why is the public not allowed to examine the data?

Just the mind-boggling DOUBLE STANDARDS applied via mandates by stupid Governments should ring alarm bells about mask efficacy and some other virus “protection” measures.

So, let’s just use some COMMON SENSE and go back to basic human physiology straight from an actual textbook.

Every cell, organ and “system” in the body requires oxygen from air we inhale from the atmosphere to survive and thrive.

Inhaled air is primarily nitrogen (about 78 percent) which diffuses from the lungs into the blood, but it is not needed or used by our cells. We exhale the same amount of nitrogen as we inhale.

The oxygen we need to sustain human life is about 21 percent of the inhaled (normal) air. About 0.04 percent of this air is carbon dioxide. Argon makes up about 0.965 percent and we also inhale trace amounts of water vapour, helium, hydrogen and other gases.

Our IMMUNE SYSTEM is a combination of other body systems, including the respiratory, vascular (blood and heart), and lymphatic systems together with various organs that are part of other systems.

When we inhale, there is a highly complex exchange of gases inside the body, primarily through the lungs and bloodstream, until we exhale the used air. Oxygen is carried around the body in the bloodstream.

It’s easy to say we inhale oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. That’s an oversimplification, but it’s in the right direction.

Of the 21 percent oxygen we inhale (without a mask on), 16.4 percent is exhaled. But the exhaled waste gases produced by the body include 4.4 percent carbon dioxide – 100 TIMES MORE than we breathe in. The increased carbon dioxide is a by-product of our cells using oxygen from inhaled air to release energy.

Certain types of cells can regrow and reproduce, but some types of cells, known as “permanent cells,” have finite quantities. Once they die, eg through lack of oxygen, they can’t regenerate or replicate. Permanent cells include brain nerve cells (neurons) as well as skeletal and heart muscles.

All these cells need oxygen to survive.

COMMON SENSE should tell us that if exhaled air is trapped in masks and we constantly breathe it in where the carbon dioxide content is 100 TIMES HIGHER than it SHOULD BE and there is about one-quarter LESS oxygen to inhale with each breath, our cells simply are NOT GETTING THE OXYGEN THEY NEED to survive and thrive.

To try to obtain more oxygen, our lungs/respiratory system and heart/vascular system are forced to work much harder by drawing deeper breaths.

That is bad enough, but the deeper breaths also potentially draw in more virus particles trapped inside masks that otherwise WOULD NOT HAVE ENTERED our bodies.

In my opinion – based on common sense, all that is slowly wrecking or, at best, compromising our innate immune system, overstressing our vascular (blood/heart) and all our other systems and potentially INCREASING our chances of catching the virus and/or making the symptoms worse.

This could possibly lead to heart attacks or a range of other issues, particularly in people who are already immuno-compromised and/or suffering vaccine side effects like myocarditis or pericarditis.

There are immediate obvious effects of wearing masks, like feeling tired, light-headed, dizzy or faint, having trouble breathing and headaches.

But what about a range of other debilitating conditions we don’t think to attribute to being forced to wear masks for long periods – possibly even including death in the elderly, other people already immune-compromised or with co-morbidities?

Scientific evidence indicates our natural immune system normally starts to deteriorate from about age 60. Remember all the fuss about that specific age 60 and above when the vaccines were first introduced!

So, just one aspect of an OBJECTIVE DISCUSSION about mask-wearing should be whether people over 60, particularly in nursing homes, and those with already compromised immune systems who are forced to wear masks, are being protected – or WEAKENED further by them.

It is the potential longer-term effects of constant mask-wearing that are frightening, and particularly for young children whose immune systems don’t fully develop until about 8 years old.

If their developing immune systems (organs, blood vessels, etc) are starved of the oxygen normally carried around in the blood, it also must adversely affect their bones, muscles and other soft tissue that should continue to grow into their late teens, as well as other aspects of their physical and mental development that also rely on normal oxygen flow.

COMMON SENSE alone should tell us that, in the future, if or when we are exposed to other common or deadly viruses, infections and diseases – whether it be in a month, a year or 10 years, the chances are our natural immune system has been compromised in ways we don’t yet understand or can’t properly measure, and won’t cope as it should. The results could be more catastrophic than the virus these masks were meant to protect against.

COMMON SENSE also should tell us that politicians, medical “experts,” health bureaucrats and others with vested interests in coming years will continue to selectively use data – as they do now – and quickly deny those effects are due to compromised immune systems from long term mask-wearing.

But it will create a need for more high-priced medical and pharmaceutical interventions to counter these effects.

So, the question should be asked: “If masks potentially minimise the chances of catching the virus by theoretically reducing transmissibility, does that outweigh the risk of making otherwise healthy people and those with already compromised immune systems even more susceptible?”

If anyone can accurately answer that question for the short and long term, I’d love to hear it.

If you’re not yet concerned about yourselves or your children, try researching “meningitis” and “meningococcal,” just to name a couple of life-threatening diseases, that can kill within hours. We rely on our innate immune system to help protect us against such diseases.

And if all the above is not sufficient to want to objectively discuss the pros and cons of mask efficacy, instead of just believing what we are fed by mainstream media parroting what the politicians and highly paid health bureaucrats tell them, read this article from the British Medical Journal from April 2020.

PS: I’m a former working journalist and newspaper owner and editor for 38 years and I cringe at some of the reporting I see, hear and read these days in most of the mainstream media giving us just one side of the story, together with the absolutely blatant censorship by social media platforms.

2023 FOOTNOTE: Since I wrote this article, there was an alarming increase (in the thousands) in 2022 in the number of deaths from all sources in Australia, compared to the number of deaths for the previous corresponding annual period. No-one seems to be able (or want) to explain why in any detail.