Do you need a Sports or Remedial Massage?

5 February 2013

If you are a sporty type, exercise enthusiast or Defence member preparing for or recovering from fitness assessments, other events or competitions, you probably assume you need a “sports massage” to help fix or alleviate sore and aching muscles and joints.

However, be aware that in its truest context, “sports massage” is just five to 15-minute massage immediately prior to or after an event – if that’s all you want or need.

If you do regular exercise or are involved in regular competition and want a thorough massage to release knots and balance muscles and postural alignment to prepare for or recover from events, you need a REMEDIAL massage. This could be a single or multiple massages anywhere from several days to several weeks before or afterwards.

If your main focus is just on supervised exercises and stretching, rather than muscle massage, an exercise physiologist and/or physical training instructor is your best bet.

If you need several sessions to begin rehabilitation after significant injuries (or post surgery), you initially need a physiotherapist. Then you need a REMEDIAL MASSAGE to help all the compensating muscles to recover. That will also speed up the healing process by helping to realign your overall posture and reduce the impact on your damaged tissue. Be aware that most physiotherapists just tend to focus on your pain/injury areas. They are NOT massage therapists. If you just rely on physio treatments without taking all the compensatory effects into account, there is a chance your pain may become chronic (after three to four months). Chronic pain then feeds off itself via a cellular process.

Townsville, North Queensland is a fantastic city for players and spectators in amateur and professional sports and for people who just want to keep fit. It’s probably THE most community-spirited, sports-minded city in Australia.

Along with this sporting consciousness and the opportunities for exercise and fitness is a demand in Townsville for qualified, experienced and competent remedial and sports masseurs.

As a full qualified and highly experienced remedial masseur with some additional advanced sports therapy qualifications, I can provide you with the most appropriate treatments for all your common muscle and joint aches and pains.

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