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In its truest context, SPORTS massage is 10 to 15-minute pre or post-competition massage. Many people think they need a SPORTS massage when they actually need a REMEDIAL massage. A sports masseur should already be a qualified remedial masseur because he/she may need to work with injuries. If you’re trying to recover from heavy sports, gym or exercise pain or injuries, or prepare for competitions (or things like Defence BFAs), you need a REMEDIAL massage.

Deep Tissue

This massage works deep into the muscle tissues to release and stretch tight muscle and help tone weaker muscles through improved blood, oxygen and lymph supply.


REMEDIAL massage is DEEP TISSUE massage, but DEEP TISSUE is not necessarily REMEDIAL. A massage is only DEEP TISSUE if the therapist only works on one side of the body – eg just the back of the body, instead of the front as well. (There are many tight muscles in the BACK that need treatment, but they often result from tight muscles in the FRONT.) A REMEDIAL massage therapist looks at all aspects of the body – front/back, left/right, up/down and in/out for a more effective treatment.


Swedish Massage is a relaxation massage. It is a firm but gentle massage with the therapist using mainly longer, broader strokes as distinct from the deeper, more specific techniques used in remedial massage. Massage by a beauty therapist or in a day spa will be the Swedish type. It is not the massage you need if you have sore or aching muscles or joints.


Pregnancy massage is ideal for any stage of pregnancy. Once a woman can no longer lie on her stomach, the massage is performed with her lying on her side (unless the therapist has a special pregnancy massage table). Pregnancy massages can be relaxing or remedial and may include some lymphatic techniques to reduce fluid build-up. Most women prefer a REMEDIAL massage to help alleviate their sore muscles, in particular lower back and legs. By about the start of the second trimester, the massage therapist should also ensure the woman’s right hip/lower back is slightly elevated to ensure the weight of the baby is not pressing on the Vena Cava, a major vein returning deoxygenated blood to the heart. A good pregnancy massage will include having the hips realigned and hip flexors released to reduce muscle imbalance pressures on the lower back.

Musculo-Skeletal Therapy

This covers more aspects than just getting you on the table and giving you a remedial massage. A musculo-skeletal therapist will also give you a postural assessment, and may perform various stretches and/or recommend stretching and exercise activities, discuss some generic nutritional aspects that may contribute to your condition (eg arthritis), and/or may use various other modalities (eg lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, neuro-lymphatic points, etc) as part of the treatment.

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