31 December 2020

Come and experience THE WOW FACTOR at David Hall Massage Therapy and find out why REMEDIAL MASSAGE should be part of your “Get Fit” resolution.

Starting a new exercise and fitness regime in some cases can represent a significant financial investment – gym and/or personal trainer fees, gym clothes, your time, etc.

Including remedial massage as an integral part of that Get Fit mission can help you achieve a good return on that investment.

Just one of many things I’ll show you is that every muscle in the body has an opposing muscle (eg biceps/triceps, quadriceps/hamstrings). When muscles contract, opposing muscles must release.

If opposing muscles are too tight or inflexible, contracting muscles have to work harder, often making the contracting muscles feel sore. But it’s really the opposing muscles that are usually the problem – not your sore areas.

Opposites don’t only apply to individual muscles, but also to sides of the body – left v right, up v down, front v back and in v out.

For example, if you turn your neck to the right and it feels sore, it is likely that muscles on the left side are too tight.

If you’ve set yourself a goal to “get fit,” those muscle imbalances need to be addressed, or you risk injuring yourself.

If you exercise a particular group of muscles and the opposing muscles/sides of the body are too tight, your exercise routine will be less efficient. Part of your exercise energy is being wasted fighting muscles that won’t release properly, and other tightening effects of postural misalignment.

Remedial (deep tissue) massage aims to correct those imbalances. It will help make exercising easier and more efficient – and less painful.

I look at the “big picture” of muscle and postural interaction and don’t just focus on the areas you feel sore. They are often just a symptom, not the real cause of any muscle or joint pain or stiffness you may be experiencing.

But that’s only part of THE WOW FACTOR. I can absolutely guarantee you the best value for money remedial massage in Townsville. To find out how and why I can make that guarantee, check out this article (and others) on my website (click here):

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